Call for proposals

LIFSA – Local Initiatives Fund – South Africa

We try to answer your questions as comprehensively as possible.

 Please refer to the main page of the call for proposals to find the application form and regulations.

This page is frequently updated with answers to questions received.


The initiatives selected by the selection committee will receive a maximum subsidy of 10 000 euros. Projects requiring a smaller amount are also welcome.

Yes, it is possible. The duration of execution specified in the regulations is 12 months maximum.

Yes, but please note that retroactive funding for expenses incurred prior to a LIFSA funding agreement is not possible.



No. Unfortunately, all applicant associations must be duly registered in South Africa. However, you can still participate in the project if you apply in partnership with a registered association.

For this first year, only organisations working in townships in the suburbs of Johannesburg will be selected.



Yes, private entities can apply to the fund only if they have the Non-profit company status.